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    Computer Geek's Calculator

    Computer Geek's Calculator

    Float Precision: 80 bits / 64bits on ARM
    Integer Precision: 128 bits
    Requirements: CHIP/PocketCHIP, windows 2000+

    Price: *FREE*
    Select a platform:
    CHIP WIN32

    *NOTE*: Due to Stripe's unAmerican tampering with elections by blocking funds to political oponents I'm not doing business with them and am transitioning to another service. In the mean time the "Computer Geek's Calculator" is free. Here's the FREE KEY: 0550-0610-0523-371C

    *NOTE*: This application is available by download only. See the links below. We aren't currently shipping physical media. If physical media is needed please drop us an email. See our contact page.

    2018-02-02 v1.1 Improved backspace handling to allow editing values.
    2018-10-15 v2.0 Added 128 bit integer and IPv6 support. Also made the registers and virtual "tape" persist between starts.
    2019-07-13 v2.1 Fixed problems with IPv6 address entry.

    Here is a calculator for all of us computer geeks that need to do computery math. It has support for all of the usual weird number formats: Hex, Octal, Binary and Decimal, plus IPv4 & IPv6 modes for network address calculations. For those times where more normal math is needed (calculating percentages, averages, share of lunch expense, ...) we even do traditional floating point math!

    It has 16 registers in which to store numbers in any of the available formats. It has a virtual tape that records your calculation, like the paper tape on a printing calculator. You can easily recall values from either the tape or registers by simply clicking on the desired value. There are keyboard shortcuts for register access for greater efficiency. These values are saved across starts for long term persistance.

    In IPv4 mode you can enter numbers in the usual dotted octet (dotted-quad) format. Performing the usual network address calculations is then a simple matter of applying the appropriate binary functions. To facilitate network masks in the "/##" format we have the "LBT" (Left Bit Mask) operation. But remember that the calculator's integers are 128 bits wide when performing your calculations. The included help has further instructions for networking calculations.

    IPv6 mode has support for the various odd methods of entering addreses. Values can be converted freely into the other supported formats. Just don't forget to switch to decimal mode when dealing with the usual slash net masks. wink

    Free Download links:

    You can download the windows Shareware version from here. It is free to evaluate and can be purchased for a lifetime above.
    This application is free for use on NTC's C.H.I.P. platform. C.H.I.P. users can download it from here.