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    In My Opinion (IMO)

    In My Opinion (IMO)

    I began writing business software on a TRS-80 right at the start of the '80s. I was later dragged, kicking and screaming onto th IBM platform, which despite its seemingly supperior specs was immensly slower. I had many a discussion with other engineers puzzling over this. The bottom line is that in most cases, especially here in the US, seldom does supperior tech win the day. Usually the dominant tech is determined by better marketing and/or barbaric legal action (ala M$). This is particularly true since its rare that the brilliant tech guys are good marketeers. smiley Steve Jobs possibly being one exception... but still I wonder...

    In these pages I'm going to blog about the nuttiness I trip over in the industry, some of which feels as if it came straight from an episode of three stooges.


    NTC is dead and along with them the C.H.I.P. and PocketCHIP. But I have backups of their package archive, GIT repositories, flash images and documents. [...]
    In an age where computing devices give outsiders unprecedented control over our lives, we the users need a "bill of rights" to protect us from them [...]
    Phrases like "programming in 1s and 0s" get used a lot. I'm fairly certain that few actually have done this, even those being hyped. So let me explain. [...]
    Microsoft is planning to push everyone on to their cloud service. This could restrict your freedom to use your computer, access your data and cost a lot $$ [...]
    Software Quality — 04/13
    Most people define software quality by a set of features. But to me that is not it. Like most any trade I define it by how well its constructed. [...]
    Here it is CHRISTmas-eve and I'm kicking off the opinion column on my website. It seemed fitting to write about the most momentous event in human history [...]