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    to the home of JF Possibilities, Inc.

    We have 30 years of business computing expertise. At this time our main focuses are: webserver maintenance, website, Linux and Android programming. If you need help building a website from scratch or simply maintaining or fixing an existing one we can help. For more details on the services we provide see the "what we do" page.

    Here's what's happening:

    *NEW* Computer Geek's calculator is now available on windows! Download your copy today!


    Microsoft is planning to push everyone on to their cloud service. This could restrict your freedom to use your computer, access your data and cost a lot $$ [...]
    Phrases like "programming in 1s and 0s" get used a lot. I'm fairly certain that few actually have done this, even those being hyped. So let me explain. [...]
    Software Quality — 04/13
    Most people define software quality by a set of features. But to me that is not it. Like most any trade I define it by how well its constructed. [...]
    Here it is CHRISTmas-eve and I'm kicking off the opinion column on my website. It seemed fitting to write about the most momentous event in human history [...]
    Home — 04/13
    The home of JF Possibilities, Inc. Software and website developer and Linux administration. [...]
    Contact Us — 04/13
    This is how you get a hold of JF Possibilities [...]
    Our Services — 04/13
    JF Possibilities provides many computer services and web, desktop and mobile software development. With 30+ years experience we know things [...]
    Download a calculator for windows with advanced binary features, including IPv4 specific functions. With its advanced memory features its very handy to [...]
    Download the Computer Geek's Calculator for the CHIP or PocketCHIP computers. Includes lots of number storage, boolean math operations and even floats! [...]
    IMO — 12/24
    With a PC development career that predates IBM introducing their PC I have a lot to say about the current state of software and computing [...]