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    Our Services

    Our Services

    With 30 years of computing experience in small to medium size businesses we can get "it" done. We understand the needs of small business and strive to provide effective, cost-efficient and durable solutions for your data and Internet needs. Here's a brief list of the things we do:

    Services we provide:

    • Setup and maintainenance of the usual website software (see below).
    • Website programming & development form scratch for unique scenarios.
    • Programming of custom plugins for your web software (CMS). See below.
    • All that technical mumbo-jumbo to get a website live on the Internet.
    • Webserver management and maintenance
    • Write software for a variety of platforms: server, desktop, portables, ...
    • Build software systems to automate moving and transforming data.
    • Integrate data from external services, like: Stripe, Constant Contact, Shopify, ...
    • Consulting about most anything computer related.


    Web frameworks we use:

    • Django
    • Drupal
    • WordPress


    Operating systems we work with:

    • Android
    • Linux (pretty much any *nix)
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows
    Languages  Worked With:
    • C / C++
    • HTML / CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Pascal (Delphi, FreePascal, Lazarus, msegui, fpGUI, ...)
    • Python
    • PHP
    Just to name the more common ones.