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    Kiene's American Fly Fishing

    Kiene's American Fly Fishing


    An interesting mixture of web technologies. We needed a way to host a legacy ASP app and mary it to a modern web, including providing upgraded HTTPS support, vastly improved firewalling and, porentially, application level filtering. We used a combination of a modern Linux server and virtualization technology to provide a hardened container to host the Legacy app in. Then we leveraged the Linux host to provide additional functionality: modern web envirronment for their forums and for a while a WordPress based front end.

    We went with NginX over Apache due to its flexibility in URL handling, proxying capabilities and its resource efficiency in doing those things. As the NginX folk will tell you it is a proxy first and foremost. So it was the best of breed for this applicaiton.

    Services we provided:

    • Analysis, planning and hardware spec
    • Server asembly & prep
    • All software install and setup
    • DNS management
    • Convert concept graphics into responsive themes for custom web store software, vBulletin and WordPress.
    • On going maintenance and monitoring