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    The Berean Call Website

    The Berean Call Website

    We power the Berean Call website

    We provided The Berean Call with the expertise to setup their database, webserver, Drupal environment and guidance with Drupal administration. We have used Drupal since v4.7 and probably will continue to do so for some time. One of the things we wanted was a way to automate the creation and update of product nodes from data in their backend Order Entry application (RMS). Originally we did all of the ecommerce with a custom shopping cart. But later, to participate in a larger market place and reduce PCI headaches, we migrated to Shopify for public sales. Now we have timely updates applied to product nodes from both RMS and Shopify. Product nodes have an "add to cart" block and button that links back to the correct Shopify product. We still have the ability to take B2B orders using the original shopping cart.

    Services provided:

    • Server construction from bare-metal and ongoing administration & maintenance.
    • Website software install and database setup.
    • Custom modules.
    • Fixes and alterations to third-party provided modules.
    • Aterations to themes.
    • Backend services to push and pull data between various sources.
    • Custom "views" fields.
    • Custom blocks.
    • Multi-team change managment with GIT.