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    Merry CHRISTmas 2017

    Merry CHRISTmas 2017

    by Jon Foster - 2017-12-24
    Updated: 2018-04-13

    Note to evolutionists: Although most scientists treat evolution as fact, science has proven it to be an impossibility. In my mind the two most essential obstacles are: 1. Information comes from inteligence and DNA contains information, being like a programming language. 2. Irreducible complexity: nothing is as simple as it seems and micro-biology, in particular, has shown many examples of systems that can't be reduced, meaning the whole thing had to happen at once, not random piece-by-piece. And there are many other obstacles. Have a look at my friend's site www.SeekAndYouWillFind.org, ICR or AIG.


    ... is my most favorite time of year. The greatest gift mankind has ever known was wrapped up in the birth of the baby JESUS. My paraphrase on John 3:16: GOD SO LOVED the world that HE gave his only born SON ... to die for us... so we don't have to.

    As my CHRISTmas gift to you I wanted to present the story of the birth of JESUS as recorded in the "gospels" of the BIBLE. Due to copyright issues this is a bit of a sticky-wicket. The "King James" text is in the public domain but I prefer the newer more readable tranlsations, which can't be reproduced without permission, royalties, legal stuff, ...

    So here are the portions of the BIBLE involved in the telling of the birth:

    1. John 1:1-18,
    2. Luke 1:5-80
    3. Matt 1:18-25
    4. Luke 2:1-38
    5. Matt 2:1-23
    6. Luke 2:40

    I have removed some duplicate references in favor of providing a simplified list. You can read the text from your own BIBLE or on-line at the BIBLE Gateway.

    JF Possibilities wishes you and your family the most blessed CHRISTmas!!