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    Welcome to the home of JF Possibilities, Inc.

    We have 30 years of business computing expertise. At this time our main focuses are: webserver maintenance, website and Android programming. If you need help building a website from scratch or simply maintaining an existing one we can help. For more details on the services we provide see the "what we do" page.

    Here's what's happening:

    I didn't think retro games were retro enough so I thought I'd create a game similar to a text style game I typed in and played on my TRS-80 in the '70s. [...]
    In order for a PocketCHIP to be really useful it needs to be able to tell time. I was surprised that it couldn't. So I added a battery backed clock to it. [...]
    An interesting mixture of web technologies. We needed a way to host a legacy ASP app and marry it to modern web, including providing upgraded HTTPS support [...]
    We customized and fixed some of the plugins and created some custom plugins to provide integration with order management software and semi-live products [...]
    Showcase — 05/09
    Over the years we have been, and continue to be, involved with many fascinating projects. Here are some of the more interesting ones. [...]
    Contact Us — 05/09
    Home — 04/28
    The home of JF Possibilities, Inc. Software and website developer and Linux administration. [...]
    To map a computer (host) name to an IP address on a windows workstation follow these steps: [...]
    Going to throw out that old PPC Mac? How about giving it a new lease on life by installing Linux on it instead. Linux runs real well on PPC. [...]
    Droid-X Hacks — 04/27
    I recently purchased a Droid-X from Verizon. I did so because it was the first handheld device that had a reasonably sized screen. [...]